General information:

Established form: republic

Type of goverment: parlimantary democracy

Formation date: 1 January 1993 (after split of the Czech and Slovak Ferderative Republic)

EU member Since: 1, May 2004

Membership in other international organizations: UN, OECD, WTO, V4, NATO

Area: 49,035 Km2z

Population: 5,379,450 (2001 census) 

Population density: 109,9 inhabitants per sq km

Official language: Slovak

Capital: Bratislava (Population: 452,288)

Largest Cities (by population): Bratislava: 452,288 / Košice: 249,915 / Presov: 92,687 / Nitra: 87,357

Nationalities: Slovak (85.6%), Hungarian (10.8%), Roma (1.8%), Czech (1.2%), Ruthenian (0.3%), Ukranian ( 0.3%), German (0.1%), Polish (0.1%), Other (0.3%)

Religion: Roman Catholic (60.3%), Greek Catholic (3.4%), Evangelic (6.2%), Orthodox (0.6%), non-denominational (9.7%), no data (18.2%)

Main agricultural crops: wheat, rye, corn, potatos, sugar beets

Breeding: cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats

Main field of industry: automobile industry, chemical industry, iron ore processing, fertilizers, plastics, brown coal mining

Natural resources: iron ore, mercury, copper, lead, zinc

Electric current: 230 V/50 HZ, outlets with safety peg

Climate: Slovakia has a continental climate with 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Summers are hot with temperatures ogten over 30c and somtimes stormy. Winters are cold , cloudy and humid. The average winter daily temperature is -2c, but can plumment to -15c. The coldest month is January, The warmest are July and August. Data concerns Bratislava. Weather in northern and mountainous regions could be much cloder.


Slovak Republic is a country located in Central Europe. surrounded by Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. Central and northern Slovakia is more mountainous. High Tatras, which Slovaks qualify as the smallest of the highest mountains in the world are located in the center of the country along the Polish border. The south and east of the country lie the lowlands and is an important agricultral area in Slovakia. Most important river is  the Danube, which connects the capital Bratislava with two Europian metropolises_ Vienna and Budapest.